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breakthrough heartburn

I've been on nexium and prilosec for 2-3 years and my GERD has been well controlled. For the last week and a half Iget horrible chest pains (crushing pain in my upper chest). I don't think it is my heart, I have normal heart enzymes. What can I do for this? It comes at random times, and is really painful (I have to stop if I'm walking). I take an antacid, but I don't want to take too many of these. HELP!!
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Two things:

First, you might just be going through basic breakthrough. Talk to your doctor, but you could probably supplement your Nexium with another antacid, or double up on your PPIs for a short while (4 days or so) while things go back to normal.

You may also have become resistant to the Nexium, in which case you may have to switch to another PPI.

Talk to your doctor about this, however. Good luck.
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