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hello: The last while i get a burning feeling in the back of my nose and top of throat ( the feeling you get when you breath in cold air) when i exercise. i never used to . I use a nasal spray. I have acid reflux.  the feeling starts to go right down to my stomach sometimes. I get some pain in my chest and my breathing is laboured but surprsingly it all  seems to get better towards the end of my workout, And i am doing all other tests with my doctor , lung and heart. but i have feeling it is my acid reflux and i have some sinus problems. I asked my doctor for a scope test down my stomach. please,  If anyone heard of these symptoms  or have them let me know, suggestions and info will be appreciated. thank you
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  Hi...not sure what type of nasal spray u r using or how often, but nasal sprays can cause more issues then they help.

If u r congested, try a saline nasal spray...and do see ur Dr.

Breathing issues r nothing to treat urself.

  Do post an update

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Hi there,

I would suggest that you see an ENT Specialist for a Larynxscope.  He will be the best person to prescribe treatment for sinus.  That is what I would have done.

Please keep us updated.
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