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cerebal palsy

My son is born with Cerebal Palsy. He is now 2yrs and just started walking. He has too many on going problems. He has a Gastrotomy button in the stomache. Since Nov07. Before that he had NGTUBE. Was in hospital for Virus. Just found out his Bladder is expending.
Don't know what to do sometimes. He is my 4th child. My 3 girls are fine.
Pls help.
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Dealing with GERD alone is a challenge.  I cannot imagine it coupled with Cerebal Palsy as you describe.  I assume it is the weak muscles causing the reflux to continue.  Have you tried different ideas such as weighting down liquids and/or various food combos to help with the distress of the reflux?

What does your Dr suggest?  Are you seeing a Pedi GI?


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Was he diagnosed with reflux? What was he sick with? What is he getting in his feedings?
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I think that my only grandson has been born with cerebral palsy, 8 months now, he has bad reflux. I think he has symptoms of cerebal palsy can you help please?
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Hi we do have a cerebral palsy forum here in MH...and this being a GERD support forum I am unaware of the CP issues...http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Cerebral-Palsy/show/197

I pray u find answers on the CP and if u have direct GERD/reflux questions I am more than willing to help if  I am able.

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