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choking in my sleep them passing out

Hi , everyone ,im a male 52 of age , i had another scary experience last night , this happen last month as well , but this time i woke choking from acid or vomit  while sleeping ,i took off my mask that i sleep with because i have cpap  , crawl out of bed  took a few steps tried to race to the washroom , pass out drop face first on the floor and drop into a deep sleep again laying on the floor , my wife witness this , she said that i was standing at the bedroom door and drop dead face first for 30 seconds .I guess i couldnt breath and blackout.Then i heard my wife asking me if i was ok , i woke up , got up then trying to puke to clear things up , since im not a puker  i that didnt happen .I had lots of gas coming out from the front and the rear end lol  sat up for 30 minutes before going back to bed .I will be seeing my GP on that  when his office open up after the Xmas Holidays .
I had shearperds pie 4hrs before going to bed , one gingerale pop  and snacks 2 hours before bedtime, and no booze  .
Im a little overweight im 6.0 tall 245 lbs with type 2 diabetees with poor spelling sorry lol.
Peoples mentioning pellows or elevating the body by reduce the acid from coming up , but in my case i like my head down because of my cpap mask from shifting causing air leaks, i sound like a broken down car .
Im sharing my story ,maybe someone have any idea why i pass out ,maybe i stop breathing i dont know , but it was scary vomit coming up and my cpap air pushing down .I woke up with a fat lip i guess my lip broke my fall lol .Do i have Gerd  or just a bad night ? Thanks Cheers Happy New Years .
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wow!  That IS really scary.  I've suffered from Gerd.  I rarely do now but it will flare based on lifestyle things.  Definitely, anything carbonated like ginger ale two hours before bed will aggravate it.  No pop.  I actually cut out all soda of any kind and this helps.  I lost weight in general.  This had a great impact for me in reducing Gerd.  Try to lose some even if just 10 pounds.  5 pounds.  It's all a start.  I try to keep the bulk of my eating earlier and eat a smaller dinner.  And when all else fails, TUMS or an actual ant acid like cimetidine helps tremendously.  

Why you passed out though, would that not be more related to your apnea and air flow?  

I'm glad you are seeing your doctor.  Please let us know what happens!
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