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constant hunger

i have daily acid reflux problems accompanied by constant feeling of hunger no matter what i eat. i have made a huge change to my diet and it is not helping. i also get dizziness along with the burn and hunger. i have been tested for everything that i can think of and still have not come up with anything. this has been going on for over 10 yrs and i just cant take it anymore. please if anyone else is having these symptoms please share with me what you have been diagnosed with and what your are doing to help it.
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Hi, yes it is a symptoms of GERD, this constant hunger pangs....I found an apple or crackers for a small snack btwn meals is better than eating just bcuz I feel hungry.....it is diff sometimes to ignore.'
I have a hiatal hernia......and I wondered if  that played into it.....but if I watch my diet and take my meds I do feel better....

I wish I could lose weight, but this can make it diff......

I was on Prilosec for yrs, it stopped working, and I am now on a rx strength of pepcid and it is working much better...I only get the hunger pangs once in a while instead of all the time....I tend to have flares after being on other meds...and the drugs used for surgery.....

I have the same issue and I just found a very interesting read that sums it up for me.  Here it is: http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=32780
I'm having same problem after gastrologist killed hpylori for second time infection my stomach becomes hungry every after 1 and half hour even i eat proper amount of rice and veg:and fish. It is burning inside chest, ovary ,back and brain pls someone help me what should i do
I'm having same problem after gastrologist killed hpylori for second time infection my stomach becomes hungry every after 1 and half hour even i eat proper amount of rice and veg:and fish. It is burning inside chest, ovary ,back and brain pls someone help me what should i do
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Yes it's GERD. A simple apple won't help, in fact the acidity of the apple on an empty stomach would make you feel worse. I am taking 150mg of Zantac when I feel the discomfort.
Will that really help?They say that zantac helps lower the acid content in the stomach at night but does that help to eliminate the hunger pangs also
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Have you had an endoscopy done?

What medications and doses have you tried?

What tests have been done?

It is possible that your GERD is combined with something else such as irritable bowel, crohns, etc., or GERD by itself can cause malabsorption. Have you checked to make sure your vitamin and mineral levels are okay? Have you gone to a gastroenterologist? Have you done research on any tests that came back normal high or low, or high or low? One of the best things you can do is do research for yourself, as even if you're in the normal range, it won't hurt to do a quick google to see what something does and what it is.

For me, I have been diagnosed with GERD and a hiatal hernia. I also have severe esophageal damage due to the acid reflux, this is why I ask about an endoscopy. When the esophagus becomes damaged, it doesn't replace with the same type of lining, so over time, it will become splotchy light and dark. This lining, sadly, puts people at a greater risk for esophageal cancer. No matter what, you should have a regular doctor, and possibly a specialist (gastro). I know that not everyone can afford, or is able to get, health insurance, so if you are one of these people, please be going to free clinics, free health fairs, etc, and the only thing you can do, is to learn knowledge about your issues and similar things to help yourself.
#1 thing right now is to lower the acidity of your stomach. Sometimes this will help you not create as much, and sometimes, this will just lower the acidity of the acid you are making. Best two things for this are calcium (tums or generic) and baking soda. Baking soda is a little more hazardous as it works a little bit stronger. Taking anything alkaline to counteract the acidity can have effects over time, as lower acidity lowers absorption, and lowers your vitamin and mineral levels, thus symptoms of other things, etc etc. It can also mess up the system for a while after as it takes time to regulate back.
Right now, without knowing anything else, what I can suggest is: Stay away from things that are your triggers, things that are acidic but do not trigger you (apples, tomatoes, spicy things, anything), do not lay down without giving yourself time to digest your meals, try snacks between meals, try raising your bed or sleeping on a lot of pillows (some people roll off them, it seems), try doing some torso stretches (yoga is good for this), if you sit down a lot, get up and walk around every now and then, try some organic or gluten free food and see if this helps you any (it could be a trigger but you not realize it), if you do take tums do not take any flavor but wintergreen, change your mouthwash to wintergreen or swish with baking soda and water (do not swallow that one). You can try in the mean time to lower the acidity, like previously said can possibly lower the acid creation but might not, with calcium or baking soda. Calcium (tums or generic) will not need anything else, but I doubt you can get baking soda down plain. If you go the baking soda route, try a little bit of plain gelatin mixed with soda and water (not jell-o, plain gelatin comes in packets) to make it a bit thicker.  Please do not overdo usage of either of these. If you're drinking tap water, try distilled. Oh, and, if you are taking iron or multivitamins with iron, do not take tums or generic before that has gotten into your system, as calcium can effect the absorption of iron.
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Could be Gastritis, if your GERD Symptoms are worst more than 3 hours after eating and the sensation starts in your stomach and is accompanied with poprock sensations in your throat, you could have an H.Pylori infection and I would get it checked out, as H.Pylori is the root cause of most peptic and upper intestine ulcers.
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I have LPR...and the nausea actually made me feel less hungry...or my appetite decreased and I've lost a lot of weight
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Hello Lizstar,

My daughter was seriously ill with reflux as a baby and as this was life threatening, she had an operation to prevent reflux. As she has grown, she's still left with some intolerance. She's always since I remember needed to eat constantly and we've just got used to not being able to go anywhere without food.  

In November she started to get extreme anxiety disturbing sleep, constantly worrying with OCD tendencies (she's only 7).  We saw her GP who put it down to friendship anxiety at school and talked to her for an hour! They then prescribed gaviscon as she was constantly complaining of sick in her throat (she is unable to vomit due to the op as a baby).

In desperation I emailed her paediatrician at the hospital she saw as a baby and she prescribed Lansoprazole until we could get a barium swallow organised. We haven't looked back! She's not eating normally, happy, sleeping like she never had before (including laying in), she's no longer tired all the time and we've been able to go on holiday and take part in evening entertainment. I can't think of any answer than the Lansoprazole which was prescribed to reduce stomach acid as symptoms quickly return if she misses her tablet.

Your post was many years ago so I hope you already have the answer, but just in case.....this might just help. :-)
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I agree, it could be gastritis, get a helicobacter pylori test, rightnow I'm on treatment to eliminate it, I was having same symptom as you also the endoscopy showed I have chronic gastritis, hope you find out and get well
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