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does GERD cause all this?

Hello im a 34 yr old female , I have been having pains in my left upper quad from front to back for the last 4 yrs years now . I had went to a doctor in the past which he diag. me with GERD . now my question is can GERD cause all this pain in the left side of the ribs,breast,back shoulder neck and jaw area ? I have dul aches in the left shoulder and arm, then sharp stabbing pains in the left chest area that radiates to the back and just above the hip regien ,  I sometimes feel like something is in there . I did have a hysterectomy done 4 yrs ago also , but i had these pains while i had my problem they were fibroid tumors, also i had pre cervical cancer cells so the doc desided to take my cervix. so now all i have is my ovaries which i think one of them has a 2cm cyst on it . The pains seem to be all focused on my left side . I also get sharp stabbing pains in my left side of jawbone near the ear too.

Now for my medical family history ,my great gram (on father side)just past away in nov. with colon and pancreatic cancer she also had gallstones,  my father has an enlarged heart, with CHF and some other major problems , my brother has an enlarged heart and poss. colon cancer . My grand mother (motherside) also had an enlarge heart, lung problems and bone cancer .i know on my father side of the family heart diseases run in the family and on my mothers side all types of cancers run on her side.

Im just a lil worried because of my family historys and all , and with this pain that i cant seem to shake off. i was told that is a muscle thing, or its panic attacks, but i beg to differ . last yr i what felt like a mild heart attack, which maybe it was a panic attack but all i was doing was driving down the road with my 2 daughters and had to pull over because i was getting these sharp stabbing pains in the middle slightly towards the left side of chest ,my left shoulder and arm felt heavy ,and then i started to hypervenilate (panic) because i knew something wasnt right . it felt like my chest was being lightly squeezed then it got harder and harder feeling . Talk about scared , and i never went to the E.R.  because the paramedics were thinking it was just a panic attack and that i would be ok . so i left it alone . But i do notice now is that when i walk uphill i get winded, my ankles swell , and i just get this constant feeling of something bulgie in my left side area . cause ribcage on left side is tender, Now does this sound like this is all caused by muscle spasms, or panic attacks  or even GERD ?

Im just looking for input and advice and i thank you all for it .sadly i dont have insurance anymore . so now going to the doc is like a huge expsene for us . due to hubby losing his job . Thank you all who comments , i surely do need  some input !!!
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  With ur family history,ur best bet is to have tests run if for nething to have a baseline to refer to  if u do have a heart problem later on.But do rule it out now, make sure that is not the cause of ur issues, yes GERD can mimic heart pains, but too many times someone shrugs it off as indigestion when in fact it is their heart...

Many states do have ins u can sign up for when u lost a job...look into it, u may find u can afford to get it and get to the Dr.

  In the mean time do modify ur diet and life style to help in case ur issue is GERD/reflux, we have a list of foods that r safe and one of foods to avoid, and tips for life style changes....http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=236

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Thank you so much for your response , and the links they should be really helpful. ive been on prilosec otc now for 8 months .but was diag over a year ago. they would put me on all types of meds  from naproxen,to muscle relaxents and the heart burn meds. plus one yr i was miis diag. they said i had COPD but i went to a specialist and he told me nothing was wrong with me, but before that i had to go to the er and found out i had an upper resp. infection with bronc.  so when i went back to my doc he said its probley just astma . they had me on severel diff. inhalers for months  until i finally went to the er.

anyways its been awhile since i had to use any inhalers . but sometimes i still get winded. i do have a rescue inhaler but im sure its outdated. i sometimes get that feeling like someone is poking there finger in my airway on my neck , but its not all the time i feel that.
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I'm a patient of both heart problems and GERD.  I'm not a health professional, but have experienced heart attacks and subsequent angina, and had very successful surgery to correct my GERD problems.  From what you describe, it doesn't sound like either issue to me, based on what I've experienced.  health professionals.  
Heart attacks or angina tend are usually described as gripping, or pressure on the chest, and from my experience, that is what what I've felt.  My GERD issues were a burning sensation, or in my case, I'd experience a bitter taste and notice my voice would deteriorate.
As Selma suggests, establishing baselines are important with heart and GERD issues.  I'm guessing you have a nerve or musculear problem, that is usually what causes sharp pains.  Keep in mind, I'm not a health professional.  Given your history, I'd suggest a heart healthy diet, daily exercise, weight control.  Best wishes.
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