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effects of meds on liver enzymes

I am curious, a family member has the gerds, and the diver (I forgot how to say the rest of that word). She also has kidney stones, hernia, some other stone, gall blader removed, diabeties, and Ill bet she is a tad over weight. Her diabeties is a mess with the highs and lows. her ac1 is greater than 12, she has highblood presure. Her liver enzymes are up, they took her of a statin...can the meds for gerds cause damage to her liver???? Can gerds ever be controlled by weight loss and diet for some?
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she also has hiatal-hernia which i think causes the gerds???
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I'm not a health professional, but your family member has multiple issues.  I'm betting the doctors want to control the diabetes, nothing else will make sense until the glucose level is balanced.  The family member is obviously way overweight, that affects all the problems you mention with the person's health.  Is this person someone that over-uses alcohol as well as food?  
Medications to control GERD are the least of the problem, the big issue is the need to lose weight in my opinion.  However, listen to the doctors first and foremost.
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Thank You. although booze is not an issue. I suspect food and movement needs to be corrected. Maybe then everything else will fall where it should be. Thanks
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It could take a little while for the liver enzymes to return to normal after going off statins which is a major suspect for that.    Theoretically, any meds can affect the liver.   Yes, weight and diet have a great deal to do with GERD.
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