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excessive belching/bloating

Hello...so I have just been diagnosed with GERD though I've had symptoms for about 4 years, just never went to a dr about it. I am not completely convinced I have GERD though as I only have gotten the acidic sour taste in throat/mouth when I have a cold...my symptoms are just bloating, some dull aching pain in uppder abdomen/gas pain, and the worst one is the burping although its not really burping its more a constant need to burp like I can never finish a burp and the burp gets stuck in my throat...it feels like theres a huge air bubble in my stomach and it would provide tremendous release if someone were to POP me so to speak....I have recently been cutting out acidic foods and dairy to seeif it makes a difference and eating slower (I have a horrible habit of eating too fast)
I also know that its exasterbated by anxiety and I can trigger the burping if I just think about it....I've also had some excess saliva production........because I just got diagnosed and they put me on prilosec (so far nothing to help bloating/burping) I'm worried about having esophagus cancer or stomach ulcer or something since Ive had these symptoms for years and never gotten check out. Otherwise my immune system is strong and I eat healthy and work out...though I was a light smoker avg 3 cigs a day for about 2 years (quit 6 months ago)
reallly really looking for some insight on the need to burp and excessive air in stomach if someone else can relate and if burping itself can mess up your esophagus or if its the acidic sour taste heartburn that ruins your esophagus
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Hi there,

Although burping is a symptom of GERD, it can also be a digestive issue and not necessarily acid reflux.  I would suggest that you see a GI Specialist and get some tests done:  Endoscopy or even PH studies.

You can also try pro-biotics and see if that makes a difference, but I would strongly suggest you see a GI doc.

All the best and let us know how you are doing.
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