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these symptoms have been going on for a couple of years have had all things of tests and I do have acid reflux with a good size hiatius hernia On medicine for several years. They say I have slight asthma and have been on several inhalers pills and they don't help the symtoms which are getting worst. The symptoms are coughing very short of breath at all times and wheezing from the throat. Mucus is always at the back of my throat. Sometimes I have trouble getting food down. I am about 30lbs overweight which I know is not good. Exercise is out of the question I cann't even walk to my car without gasbing for air. Do you thing it is asthma or do to the gerd?
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You have symptoms of asthma.
Longterm uncontrolled GERD is one of the risk factors for asthma.
You can have pulmonary function test, upper GI endoscopy and 24 hours pH monitoring test done for evaluation.
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