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food gets stuck

My 17 year old son has been pacing for an hour, he ate smoked brisket and it gets stuck in his throat.  He's been spitting up constantly (voluntarily) because it is so uncomfortable.  He's done this before with pork.  I've read where diet coke can help - is this true?  He can breath and talk comfortably so I see no need for emegency faciltities.  
any thing that will help?

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Hi ...I would suggest an appointment with his PCP and then he may refer u to an ENT or another specialist depending on what his findings r.

There r several things that could be causing this....reflux, thyroid nodules.....and to say it is one over the other without a dr to exam him is not a good rt to take.

If this is a GI issue best get it taken care of b4 it get worse...same if it is ne other condition.

Good luck
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