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fundoplication and hiatus hernia repair

Had fundoplication and hiatus hernia repair surgery on April 1st 2019 during the operation they discovered that i had been bleeding slowly into my stomach right at the base of where the acid had been eating into the  oesophageal at the junction of the stomach where it bends into the throat they estimated this has been on going since i was original diagnose but for some reason was overlooked during other procedures which why i was bring up blood also before the operation it was  that bad i could not lay on either side of my body and even raised bed did not help.

been 3 months since the operation coming up though I struggling on and off with eating, drinking fluids, burping and abnormal pains I am bit worried about the area between my Sternum and belly button because that where most of the chest pains are and they are very abnormal at times,

Last 4 weeks I developed upset stomach constantly farting every 10 minutes, sudden diarrhea, feeling of like someone stabbing a knife into my right side between groin to rib area and on the right side constant sharp pain whenever food is moving through my intestines.

I also been getting pain around the sternum when eating, drinking fluids that was not there last time i saw the surgent 2 months ago,

I tried using my left over reflux tablets to see if that settle the pains down as I suspect returning reflux condition but no success i also suspect another hernia in around where they made one of the incision as small lump has raised now when i press on it the dam thing hurts.

The chest pain are felt directly in my heart at time and leaves me breathless feeling unwell and I need to have a sleep to relief it this is what's worrying me the most.

overall i am no longer bring spewing up my food contents, bring up blood and i can lay flat without raising my bed, also can lay on both side of body getting better sleep and do have more energy overall all lost some weight not much.

The other thing i do notice is when i breath in both side of my chest region hurts along the rib cage.

So should i go back to the surgent and get them to check to see if i am not developing other issue?.

Or is this related to everything still settling down the other thing is should i eat yogurt to settle down the upset stomach during the day?
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Okay, absolutely go to your doctor immediately.  First, I think any type of chest pain like that deserves immediate evaluation.  You want to make sure you aren't having any heart issues hon.  It likely isn't with all the GI things you  have had and have going on but it has to be considered and ruled out.  This sounds like it goes beyond what is typical recovery.  Can you get to the doctor soon?
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