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gas, pain, attacks

I started out with a sore throat, headache,, gas, nausea, back pain upper right side.I thought that I had a severe sore throat. The Dr. prescribed antibiotics(cefuroxime). I felt worse(stomach) and stopped the medication.  I had acid reflux problems three years ago and was on medication,so the Dr. thought it might be acid reflux..He prescribed Nexium(once a day) and Ranitidine (twice a day).  I have been on this medication for a week. I still have bloating and gas attacks with some back pain. I do not associate any of the attacks with eating. In fact sometimes the attacks have occured on an empty stomach. I have a bad taste in my mouth and my throat and chest do feel like they felt when I had reflux problems, but I never had these stomach and gas issues.  I have been eating yogurt for digestive health. I am not overweight and I eat fairly healthy (no fast foods or fried). I was very regular, but it has changed a little since the medication to a little constipation, so I have added more fiber.  I also had a colonoscopy 5 years ago and there were no issues. I have not felt well for three weeks.  Any ideas?
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Hi...it is a misconception that u can only get gas from foods...it can be from the lack of food as well.

Is the yogert u r eating something NEW to ur diet? If so , stop it for a while and see if it is affecting u ....mayb u can try something else for fiber.

And u may want to go to an ENT and make sure u do not have post nasal drip...it will cause the sore throat and upset stomach....and gas.

Everyone here will think I am nutz, but how r ur bowel movements...IBS can play apart in this too......the meds u r on may be causing the constipation.....I also have this and when u r off it reeks havic with ur entire system.

Our health pages (icon top right of this page) has info that may be helpful.....please keep us updated as to ur progress!!

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