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gerd and esophagitis

I have chronic gerd and have had a recent endoscopy which showed no precancerous lesions associated with my gerd but have esophagitis.  I want to know what should be done for the esophagitis? I am on prevacid 30mg once daily and take it again if the acid reflux gets bad during the night. I have a chronic gergling sound everytime I breathe when laying down and don't know if that will be a problem down the road also. I am scheduled for a 2 or 3 level fusion in two weeks and wonder if any of these symtoms would cause a problem with that. I am aware of the things it takes to make gerd better ie weight loss, carbonated beverages, eating late, head elevated, etc.
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You may continue taking prevacid. If there is no response, you can make it twice daily. For night time reflux you may add ranitidine once at night.
If there is still no response, you need to undergo 24 hours pH monitoring for evaluation.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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