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hi there, i hope this is the right forum for me.

I contracted campylobacter well over a year ago, and have been ill ever since.  The specialist diagnosed me with gastritis, ibs, heitaus hernia and gord.  However, even though am on 16 tablets a day, i still feel ill.  I cant eat any kind of food as it makes me ill, i feel constantly sick and never feel hungry.  Are gord the result of this, or is there an underlying problem causing this, am very confused and my specialist just says its the acid that makes me not able to eat.  I dont understand why i cant eat any food without being ill, and why he can just leave me like this.
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  Hi...I have to ask what meds r u still on...since campylobacter is an infection what antibiotices were u on/still on?

Have u been tested for Guillian-Barre Syndrome?

  And my last question have u been tested for PH levels to be sure u have too much acid or if it could be another infection?

    Sorry for all the ?'s

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no need for sorrys, am grateful for the help.

I didnt get antibiotics when i had camplyobacter, i have been on omeprazole, ranitidine,cyciline for sickness, antepsin, and then amitriptyline, but they made my help totally crazy, i stopped taking them, got tramadol and paracetomal for the pain, but some nights i cant control the sickness and pain and i end up in a&e for injections then they send me home.  I have had 5 scopes, and a white blood cells test with radiation, no results, had gall bladder scan and kidney scan and xrays and still nothing.  The past few months ive got worse and am now no longer able to work.
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From what I understand that is an infection.....this is what I found-[Almost all persons infected with Campylobacter recover without any specific treatment. Patients should drink extra fluids as long as the diarrhea lasts. In more severe cases, antibiotics such as azithromycin or erythromycin can shorten the duration of symptoms if given early in the illness. Your doctor will decide whether antibiotics are necessary.]

Not knowing if u were treated in the early stages or not, something just does not seem right....

  Is it  GI Dr u r seeing?

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Yeah i am seeing a GI specialiast this is my second doctor as i wasnt happy with my first one, he kept telling me i just had ibs, ibs doesnt cause u to have no appetite for over a year and make even the slightest meal regurgitate, last time i ate, it took 4 days for the food to come back up.  Never had antibiotics in the hospital, just had pain relief and anti flammatory tablets and was put on a drip for dehydration, the doctor sent me home with an out of patients appointment even before my results came back stating i had campylobacter.  I am in a mess down below as ive been having diarrohea for the past 2 weeks and i can hardly sit down for hamerriods.  I just wanna cry.

PS am very grateful to y for taking the time out to read my messages
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No worries...I am just so sorry u r having to go thru this...I went thru a few drs myself....if they do not listen then we have to fire them, and remind them they work for us!!

I would ask ur current Dr about probiotics...they can make u feel bloated and have the runs in the beginning, but that is while u adjust...but they can help with so many of the issues u r dealing with.

I pray this dr helps u.

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I pray this doctor helps me to.

I have been on the phone to the hospital, my specialist is hoping to get me into his word on monday if they have a bed.  Will be in for a week - ten days getting observed and other tests done, and working with the dietican.  I really hope this happens on Monday and he can fix me, and doesnt let me down.
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  Please let me know how this goes for u : )

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i will do and thanxs again
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  U r welcome....good luck <3
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hi selma

Today i am totally fed up, as i was supposed to be going into hospital for ten days to get some tests done for my upper gi and work with the dietician to see how i couldnt eat food.  It is now tuesday and am still at home in my bed as the hospital have no beds available for me on the ward am going to.  How sick do you need to be before a gastro doctor takes you serious.  I have stopped taking all my meds for 2 weeks now, and although my tummy isnt that great and i still cant eat i feel so much better within myself.  I am not as tired and sluggish as i was over the past months and my energy levels are not great but better than before when i was taking all those meds.  I have found myself a new gp doctor and he is gret at listening to me and said he will work with the specialist to help me get my life back, and he has put me forward for the pain clinic, it just seems everything is a long waiting game.

Hope yr well.  Debs
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  Hi Deb, I am so sorry to hear u r still waiting to get in ,.,.,goodness, I guess it means there r many more with more sever issues than u ...not to say urs is not severe, but u know they do have to look to need....and regardless of ur individual need they have to look at the whole pic.

  I am glad u found some benefits to stopping those meds.....I know I too have gotten worse taking meds....it may help one thing but cause a few others u didn't have b4.....

  I pray u get in soon.

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