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since march  2012 i felt something wrong with my throat that made me decide to slow down my smoking and tried an e cigarette,but later on after 3 weeks i experienced bad taste in my mouth and chronic sore throat,i went to my doctor and made a test for mono and sterp and its negative i been given 10 days of antibiotics and that doesnt work,then sometimes i felt like there is something stuck on my throat and having a pain in my upper abdimen,i dont feel nausea but i have difficulty breathing and heavy chest at night,my tongue has red and very furry,i do a lot of burping and it lessen the heavy chest and the hard breathing,then i went to my doctor again and gave me tecta 40 mg,ive been taking it for more than 2 weeks and the symptoms are still there but quite well after taking it,i went back to smoking and i have food cravings and i have difficulty controlling it,can somebody give me an advice on how to control it...thanks
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I found your post difficult to read.  I think you are asking how to give up cigarettes.  It's not easy but millions of us have done so, and there is a lot of help with drugs and counceling.  There is nothing but bad things happening to you if you continue to smoke pimp sticks.
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I forgot to add that Medhelp has a Smoking Addiction forum.  You might post there if you want to quit.
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Hi there,

I got the following from your post:  that you are struggling with sore throat and terrible taste in your mouth and that it is not due to smoking or streph virus.

I would advice that you try OTC Gaviscon Plus (stronger than the normal Gaviscon) and see if it brings relief.  Then you know that you possibly have GERD and should look at quit smoking and eating 5 small meals a day.

Let us know how you are doing.
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