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has early menopause caused me health problems?

I am a 43 year old female going through early menopause.  I was diagnosed with a slight hiatal hernia when I had an endoscopy.  A probe study showed no acid in my esophagus. I tried several PPI's and nothing worked for me.  Although I don't feel pain in my chest I sure feel it in my esophagus.  I was also just diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  I am pretty miserable with all these symptoms I have--GERD symptoms, fatigue, depression, I'm either having a hot flash or I'm freezing, sluggishness, hotflashes, my arms fall asleep when I'm sleeping all the time, now my palm and fingers are sore.  I have several questions.  Is it possible that the menopause has set off these other health issues?  Could the thyroid condition be contributing to the hiatal hernia and GERD symptoms, since the thyroid may have slowed my digestion? I am taking 75mcg of levothroxine, but I am waiting to see an endocrinologist.  I am considering going on the alkalinity diet but I doubt I can change my diet that drastically.  How can I get some relief?  Thank you!

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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

I had to respond bcuz I too went thru menapause early and have Hasimoto's thyroiditis and have a hiatal hernia......
I have been learning about all these things and look at the thyroid as to y u r going into menapause early.

I would deff look at iodine levels and vitamin and mineral absorbtion.

There is a connection here and if u find out please let me know too!!

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