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heart arrhythmias shortness of breath

who has a sliding hiatal hernia with heart arrhythmias and shortness of breath??? I have this health problems for more than a year now - and they find out last week that I have a small hiatal hernia. I always have pain on my chest and back after or during eating. Getting a higher heart rate and palpitations. I lost power by doing sport - shortness of breath. Who can help???
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Hi...I am sure this is very distressing to u...what did ur Dr suggest after finding the sliding hiatal hernia?....did he suggest it might be affecting ur vagus nerve?.I just wonder, as ur vagus nerve is to help slow ur heart rate and BP....

  There is a manual manipulation of the hiatal hernia that may help to see if it is the hernia...at least b4 u consider surgery.....check around ur area for a chiropractor that specializes in this....but do have ur heart checked first to be sure there is nothing else going on, and that ur GI agrees.

Good luck and keep us posted : )


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I have a history of a lot of heart problems as well as had trouble with a hiatal hernia.  I read your post on the Heart medhelp board and know your heart has been checked out and no problems were found with your heart.  I can tell you from first hand experience angina and GERD problems from a hiatal hernia can cause a similiar symptom, but in my experience you just know when you are experiencing a heart attack.  There is no other experience like it.
I disagree with selmaS on this issue, I tried a chiropractor with a strong pitch that he could help with a hiatal hernia, and it was just money thrown down the rat hole.  I had surgery to correct the procedure and it was completely a success, I haven't taken an antacid since I had the surgery.  However, I developed Barrett's Esophagus so I have to have an endoscopy every year to make sure this pre-cancerous condition remains benign..  The surgery, called a Nissen Fundoplication is indeed a complicated surgery, requiring a skilled surgeon and just as importantly, a very closely controlled diet after the surgery.  The procedure has a very high satisfaction rate as long as the patient follows the strict dietary followup.
Your heart palps may be caused by the stress of the indigestion issues, but they may be harmless pvc's or pacs, but are disturbing.
Hope that helps.
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Nobody knows about Tif-Procedure? Should be a good choice by axial sliding hiatal hernia which is small
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What Is the TIF Procedure Like?
The TIF procedure, performed safely and with relatively minimal patient downtime, is entirely incisionless because the EsophyX device is introduced into the body through the mouth, rather than through an abdominal incision. The advantages of incisionless surgery over conventional laparoscopic or open GERD surgery include shorter hospital stay, reduced discomfort, shortened recovery, no visible scars, and typically higher satisfaction.

I have not had ne surgery for my hiatial hernia so I can not speak first hand on the topic, only copy info I have read.

Wish I knew more and had a bit more to offer, sorry.

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My laparoscopic surgery resulted in scars that were minor irritations in the whole scheme of things.  I'm betting the TIF procedure will be perfected and be the gold standard procedure in time.  That being said, everything I read prior to having the procedure centered on having a surgeon with lots of experience do the work, and I chose one who has done over 100 Nissen procedures.  Regardless how access is achieved to do the surgery, the actual procedure remains the same.  I'm way past the time in my life when five very small scars are visible on my belly are a concern.  I did have a young man comment on my stomach scars in the dry sauna of the fitness center recently (I have about twelve from two other unrelated laparoscopic procedures), he wondered what happened.  I just told them they were sword marks from duals, but told him he should see the other guy.
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Getting straight to the point...I suffer from your symptoms and have for over 20 years. It waxes and wains. Take something like Zantac for reflux and watch what you eat. Bending and twisting also aggravate things.
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hello friend

thank you for answer. Do you have a hernia? Is this all from this hernia? I had an accident - after this accident with bicycle this symptoms startet. So thats why I think there is something broken in my body. Somewhere in diaphragma ...I have costochondritis-pain and upper back-pain too ...what is happend with me ...I do not understand .....there is no doctor who can help ...I have a heart beat around 85 when I sit and do nothing ....before I had 60 and 50 by lying in bed
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Yes, I have a small sliding hiatus hernia, and the costochondritis pain and back pain. The costo pain comes from the back and is 'referred' around my bottom ribs into the sternum which hurts a lot and sometimes swells up a bit and feels like a thin sausage is laying under the skin. I've had this since I was your age and it hasn't killed me. Get an X ray or scan of your upper spins to see if there's any degeneration or damage, which may help explain things. It does wax and wain and comes and goes. There's no answers that I can find, I'm sorry. Our doctors are as good as any (pretty useless sometimes) and can find things wrong but cant fix them.

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