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help from doctors please

hi since 2011 I had GERD n I feel a sharp pain in my stomach I mean under my left rib n I did the ultrasound they did not find anything n my phisician prescribed omeprazol for me but the gerd came back n now iam also having a sharp pain in my right side (under my righr rib) I feel like someone put the acide my liver n same thing with my stomach ..right I am. pregnant n I don know what to do ....I don wanna do x rays or something like that coz I don wanna harm my  baby  n I already miscaried n now it is my first pregnant..please help n ur comments will be appreciated
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This is a user forum so not likely that a doctor will answer. Buy people who have gone through similar situations. Reflux is common with pregnancy. I had it really bad. I talked to my Ob and she let me tale zantac in a lower dosage as of end of second trimester. Talk with your doctor...they have tricks and tips that ate safe for you and baby.
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