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hiatial herna


i have suffered with panic attack symptoms since I had gurd, I had cameras top and bottom they found sliding hernia, then i started shaking going cold heart racing, and breathing heavy and pains in chest had it few times once I drove to hospital as panicked while driving called 999 and helicopter came looking for me, pulled over and some body stopped at side of road to calm me they came ambulance and heart was racing they were scratching heads. Then was fine drove home haven’t had one for 6 months when feel them am controlling them but there still there mild I am confident person I am not frightened of any thing I love going out I do so all the time so I cant see its panic attack .

doctor put me on lanzrozapole which now i can eat but now and then after meals i go into panic attack have just rand doctor who will ring me on the 4th its time for camera and checking for this nerve vagus I am convinced its like adrenalin I feel all like every thing is going fast any idea   cant stand this feeling any more yoga help and sit up and keeping busy why is this? xxxx
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The association of heart rhythm abnormalities and hiatal hernia/ GERD is a controversial issue.
I would suggest you first have a  heart workup done by a cardiologist.
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ok but they put me on moniter and said it was normal will ask him cant see why heart would make me have panic attack after a meal any thing worth a try cheers
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