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I get acid reflux several times a month....its usually will last about a week and then its ok for a week or so...sometimes I don't have it for months and then its back.  Anyway, I don't take meds except an occasional pepcid, which usually doesn't work.  I have heard about home remedies such as apple cider vinegar (which sometimes works, but not always)  Does anyone know anything else.  I hate to take prescription drugs if I don't have to.
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Hi, my Gerd was manageable yrs ago bcuz it would come and go.Ur diet is the first thing u should look at. KRISKRIS has a small list of foods to avoid in her thread.

Stress is also a factor.Sinus issues can trigger gerd also.If u can focus on these u may not need to treat the gerd.

Also meds for this r better if taken on a regular basis....they do not work right away, it takes time.So depending on how bad u feel, u may need to see a dr and find the root of ur gerd and treat that and it may correct the amout of acid in ur system.

I went yrs without meds bcuz I watched my diet.It is possible, but u have to understand where ur gerd is coming from.

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Aloe vera juice. You can mix it with another juice or drink it straight. 4-6 ounces with a meal.
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