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horrible stomach pain and nausea in the morning

I am 14 and I am not pregnant, and don't plan on it for a long time. I have been having nausea in the morning for the past 6 weeks. I have stomach tenderness in the intestinal area. My nausea is so bad that I have missed 15 days of school. I have had an abdominal ultrasound and my doctor said every thing looked fine. I also had a pelvic ultrasound and my gynacologist said that I had a cyst on my ovary. So I had to get another pelvic ultrasound 7 days after my period. My doctor siad that the one cyst was still there but so small, it wouldn't cause pain and she said little cysts on the ovary are normal to have. I also had my blood tested and everything came back fine, my red and white blood count came back fine. My mom took me to see my allergist to see if I was eating anything that would cause the pain, and he said it didn't sound like a food allergy and he said it sounded like I had indigestion so he put me on prevacid and it worked a little bit but not much. I also have notice that the pain is about a week before my period, but never had the pain before. It also feels like someone is squeezing my stomach. It can also feel like i have a hot an cold pack in my stomach, but I don't think it is acid reflux becuase the prevacid would have helped. It also gets worse when i get really hungry. I am going to my gastro doctor to see if it is my gallblader, because my sister and my mother have suffered from stomach pain and both got their gallblader taken out. I am really scared and nervous on what it could be. Please tell me on what you think it could be because I want my pain to end.
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Since the pain gets worse when you are hungry, peptic ulcer disease is a possibility. An upper GI endoscopy may be done for confirmation.
H.pylori infection and NSAIDs( painkillers) are the common causes of peptic ulcers.
So avoid NSAIDs.
Test for H.pylori if you have ulcers and if found positive treat it with antibiotics for complete relief.
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