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loose stool

I have been having loose stools for a few months. it is sometimes green and it has a very foul odor. I GO every morning same time and i do not ever go more than once a day. I also have bad breath. I take Prevacid once a day for three years. I also take Lexapro. Even with prevacid, i still get heartburn some. I am a smoker and smoke about a pack a day. Can someone ease my mind a little about the stool thing? Or tell me some info?
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I am not an MD, however I am a Medical Tecnologist.  To me it sounds like you are passing a lot of bile in your stools which can be related to gallblader or liver function problems.
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Green in stool- can be a sign of too much sugar in the diet.  You might want to try daily intake of metamucil for the loose stools.  Parsley is good for bad breath.  Also, I just read that smoking can cause or aggravate GERD, so besides the increased risk of cancer, there is another reason you may want to consider quitting smoking.
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