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Hello fellow acidic folk.....i have been having acid issues for some years now but last year started having sinus pain,post nasal drip and excess thick throat saliva.I thought i had a sinus infection so was sent to my ENT doctor who performed a CT scan and i had the tube up nose thing done which all came back clear except slight redness around voice box.....my symptoms are,thick acidic saliva that burns my nose and sinuses,constant throat clearing,neck pain,lump in throat feeling,feeling of something stuck between bit in the throat where your nose and throat meet,chest and back pain sometimes,burning in my stomach......it seems to be made worse if i smoke(no lectures on smoking please).......im taking 15mg lansoprazole once a day which doesnt help.....it helps if i take 15mg in the morning and the same of an evening but only with the stomach acid... does this sound like GERD or LPR ?

any help appreciated
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  Not sure how to offer help when u asked us not to offer all the help u may need.....seems u know what to do, but r grabbing at straws hoping for a miracle that will allow u to continue to do what u know u should not and feel better all at the same time, unfortunately it does not work that way.

PND will add to ur GERD/.reflux issues...but so will the "____" item I am not allowed to mention....until u address all issues that will affect it, u will continue to feel like this.

I wish u well.
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Smoking very definitely will result in the symptoms you express.  I used to smoke and after I quit I noticed that my sinuses weren't draining so much.  The drainage can feel like it is stomach acid. Given that you have had tests for GERD, perhaps your symptoms are caused just by smoking alone.
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Hi there,

Sorry, you are going to get the speach:  about quit smoking!

80% of the adult population out there experience GERD at some stage in their lives.  When they come here looking for help and support, we start by asking you about your lifestyle choices and diet, weight ect. as all those factors plays a big role in the management of GERD.

You are waisting your time with GERD medicine if you don't do the other basics to avoid acid triggers and to illiminate all external factors.  Smoking makes all diseases WORSE and whether you believe in it or not - it still stays true.

You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel after you've quit the smoking habit, made a few dietary changes (i.e. eating 6 times a day - small portions) and when you have do all of this and STILL struggle with GERD, then you should go for Endoscopy, check for Hiatal Hernia/LES dysfunction and other GERD damage, etc.

You are only 45 and that is young.  You can still make a difference in the quality of life you have.

All the best,
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I agree totally with Smiles, you should expect to be spanked if you post on this site.  Caveats are noted, but not necessarily accepted.  
As Selma, Smiley and I mentioned, until you quit smoking, all questions you ask aren't relevant.  
I smoked, I know the struggle, but Smiley gave you wonderful advice.
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