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lump in throat feeling

alrite so one night as i was going to bed i felt like the back of my throat was drying up and then i felt this one lump. I got out of bed and tried to wash it down and it wouldnt go away. Ive had this "lump" for about 3 days now. I did some research and it said that one of the main causes for globus is stress. I have been under alot of stress lately because i have been worrying over something for about a month now. Can you please help me out on how to get rid of this?
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If the lump in the throat is caused by acid (very possible given what you describe), consider taking a course of antacids (I recommend Gaviscon for starters, Pepcid Complete if that doesn't work, and finally Prilosec OTC if that doesn't work after a few days each) to see whether this helps take the feeling away. If it does then you've essentially traced it down to it being acid. If it doesn't after 2 weeks, then you may wish to go see a doc just to be safe.
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ive never had this problem before. i am 16 years old am i old enough to  have acid problems? The lump doesnt hurt. it just feels like theres something there. well ill ask my parents about the medicine stuff that you said and see if it works. thank you for the advice.
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16 years old? Old enough to have acid problems indeed! The biggest factor at your age is usually weight and diet. Acid reflux "lumps" usually don't hurt, but they're annoying, that I know. I had one for YEARS (since I was about 18) before I discovered what it was.

In any case, good luck.
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Hey! I have this globus sensation right now too, but dont worry, it has its causes, mine is acid and with the anti acid treatment its getting a lot better..I take Pantoprazole, part of proton inhibitor therapy.......just eat healthy, and have an endoscopy done to see if your LES lower sophageal sphicter is closing enough to keep the acid down!!!!!! dont panic over it, just have patience.......there are good solutions for this! peace!
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