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morphine causing major stomach pain

I just went to the ER the other day for abnominal pain. They gave me morphine and I thought I was going to die. I was in more pain than when I originally came in for. I do have GERD. I don't know if that is related or not. After taking the morphine I had to drink some liquid before having a CT scan that was very high in citric acid. That made it even worse. I felt like I was going to vommit and I couldn't stand the pain. After being in the ER for 6.5 hours the dr couldn't find anything wrong with me. They sent me home in more pain than I was in before. I still don't know why I had the pain from needing to go in in the first place but I can live with it if that's what I need to go through for pain relief. If anyone can relate please give me some insight.
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Morphine Sulphate can cause issues, I'm allergic to it.  However, normally you have other symptoms, such as a rash or breathing issues.

I went through the procedure you experienced, they were undoubtedly checking you for a bowel obstruction.  In my case, the bowel was obstructed and I had surgery.  I was given an alternate pain medication as I knew from earlier experience I was allergic to morphine, but taking the liquid prior to the CT scan was a challenge, it's a lot of liquid.  I always obtain a report from the hospital.  I'd suggest you request a report from the facility that investigated your complaint, and discuss with your doctor if you did have an allergic reaction.  
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Either one of two things happened:  1. An adverse effect/Allergy to the morphine or 2. The morphine should have NOT been used for the particular pain you were having when you presented to the ER.   Morphine is NOT the best choice for all pain.  

Oh yes, the CT contrast, yuk!!  Yes, had to drink this myself and have given it to numerous patients; it is awful.  Unfortunately, it is needed for better views of the abdomen.  

How are you feeling now?  
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