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nausea/vomiting & heartburn

I'm trying to get feedback and thought on this.  I had my gallbladder removed in Aug. 2010.  After removal, I vomit more w/ certain foods. For a while, it seemed as though I was vomiting frequently, hence lost weight. I have had to give up dairy because it either gives me a stomache ache or makes me vomit.  When I say I get sick from my stomach, it's not always due to a "particular" food.  I have had an endoscopy 3 weeks ago.  Doc didn't find anything alarming. He did mention some stomache irritation and left it at that until our follow up to go over results.  He also ran blood work to check for Celiac Disease.  Well, finally had my follow up with him.  He indicated that he couldn't find anything wrong, and during the appointment mentioned that he doesn't "think" I have Celiac Disease. He then went on to say that, there are two blood tests for this, and the one  I took was a "sensitive" one, and was positive.  So, I'm thinking in my head at the time, you just contradicted yourself.  You don't "think" I have the disease, yet the test was positive. Okay, he's the doctor, I'm not.  Well, when I asked him if all my nausea/vomiting and side aches (where gallbladder was), as well as MAJOR heartburn episodes are all related to the same thing he said yes.  Well, he gave a medication called "Dicyclomine".  Told me to take it when I have painful episodes of heartburn, which wraps around to my shoulder blades.  After I looked online to see what this is used for, it said "IBS". The doctor is not even treating me for IBS, nor has he said I have it.

I've taken it upon myself to go gluten free, doctor said to try that it might help.  A bit of history on my sensitivity:  I vomit within minutes of having cake/cupcakes, and other foods.  Since surgery and issues after, I have lost about 19 pounds.  I am a petite built person. My weight usually would be 134-135. It now fluctuates between 114-116.  Normally that would be okay. But, because I have to literally micromanage what I eat, and eat small amounts I am smaller.  My husband and I have found that since going gluten-free, I don't hunch over in pain complaining of stomache pain.  

Any feedback what they might think it could be since doctor seems to think I don't have Celiac Disease.  
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Hi...were u tested for H.Pylori?

It is not uncommon after GB surgery and also not uncommon not to locate it right away, it took months to find it on my father..do ask about this.

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