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nauseated feeling 24/7

I quit smoking 5 weeks ago, became sick with a sinus infection and have been on medication for 6 days now, the doctor called it the 6 pack, 2 pills the first day, than 1 pill for the next 4 days.  I am also taking pantoprazole sod 40 mg once a day and my Dr. also started me on cetirizine 10 mg for allergies.  My sinus infections seems to be getting better, however I feel nauseated all the time.  My Dr. told me to wait a month and if I don't seem to be getting better than call him.

I feel sick to my stomach all the time.  Could something else be going on????  I am also very tired, no energy and want to sleep all the time.  When I go to work, I've had to come home in the middle of the day because of the nauseas feeling.  Can you give me any information????   Thank You Kevin
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