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neck throat under arm pain

In the past I have been diagnosed for acid reflux, 5 years ago I had Esophogitis. Currently I have had a sore throat (burning sensation as well as sometimes I feel like I have a lump in my throat) for 3 weeks, and sharp pains in my neck leading to my ears, and on occasion a little pain in my arm pits. I had an endoscopy of my throat and it showed nothing for esophogitis. My doctor still thinks it is acid reflux and put me on nexium, as well as cymbalta, because I can't quit thinking the worst, and have had quite a bit of stress in my life for the last 3 months, so he thinks I am midly depressed. Which I am because I just don't feel good, and I'm bery worried about it. Are these symptome of acid reflux, or should I go see an ENT? I am so upset, and need some answers!
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These definitely sound like symptoms of acid reflux, particularly LPRD. However, a consultation with an ENT, just to make sure everything is indeed OK, might be prudent.

As for the negative thoughts, instead of popping a pill, why not go to a psychologist, instead? Not as fun as popping a pill, I'll admit, but it has fewer negative side effects, is considerably less (potentially) addicting, and does that whole "empowerment" thing for you. Just a thought (from someone who's been there).

By the way...

Anxiety can cause your heartburn to flare up because it distresses the Vagus nerve, which control how your stomach pumps and bowels work. Anxiety also fires up the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn shuts off functions not needed for immediate survival, like digestion. Anxiety meds, however, can relax the LES, potentially leading to heartburn.

Also, acid refliux without esophagitis might indicate that it's not really acid reflux, but something else (esophageal dysmotility?). For the record, 75% of people with GERD don't actually have acid reflux. Weird, huh?  Ask your doctor (I presume it's a gastroenterologist) to do a Bravo pH study. If it's not acid, then consider an esophageal manometry exam.

In the meantime, go see a psych. Seriously, they help wonderfully with that whole anxiety thing.

Good luck.
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First of all let me say I share your symptoms to a degree. I've been fighting the acid reflux for about 10 years now. The burning and lump in the throat are symptoms of gerd. I finally switched to a low carb meal and that helps greatly. Especially cottage cheese for the bad times. I'm off and on the nexium. I don't like drugs. The pain in the neck and the underarm pain are not GERD symptoms. I just went to the doctor today AGAIN for the underarm pain. He asked about my neck and did an exray. He said that there was a problem there and I have to get an MRI tomorrow. The underarm pain can and sounds like it is a problem with your neck. I'm scared to find out what extent it is at. Also how could you not be depressed because of all the problems but don't let those doctors tell you that you are depressed. They like to think things are in peoples heads first. I think they are a bit arrogant. Hey if they don't know whats wrong with you it's in YOUR head. funny huh. Anyway, don't be worried about it because worrying causes your body to be stressed and that can cause other propblems. I recently also started having problems with my eye and was dx with central serous retinopathy which has a lot to do with cortisol and stress levels. I too have been worried about the gerd and stuff. Hope things get better for you. Don
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