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omeprazole nearly killed me

I took 2 capsules to relieve an upset gut within 4 days I was running around with anxiety and feeling like death my vision went and I could not sit down had to keep walking around I felt sick and could not walk right this went on for 5 weeks I had black glitches in my vision and brain fog that's extreme my eyes even came out of place I was so scared my eyes even felt like they were ripped out

I had to go back on meds to control the bad anxiety and depression I felt

I had dry skin and black dirt I'm finger nails

Does this sound like a bad allergy to omeprazole?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

It is possible for any ingredient in the meds to give you an allergic reaction...sometimes it is something they compound the active ingredients with.  

The best suggestion I an offer is to have this conversation with your Dr. since your reactions are not part of the typical side effects from  this med.

Do let us know what you find out.
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I think I was allergic to the active ingredient, but I also know im allergic to some of the inactive ones to as I took apriprazole and also had a simular experince but it was not as harsh as omeprazole in terms of brain fog.

Ill never dabble again with drugs
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  It is best to allow your Dr or pharmacist to assist you when selecting even  OTC meds when you have issues or allergies....that way you will know which ones will better serve you....and make sure there are no interactions with anything else you may take.
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Yeah thing is the doctor I saw was very intimidating to me and mis diagnosed the problem

He wanted me out the room as soon as I entered a really bad GP

Im haunted by the day I saw him as these capsules he prescribed ruined my life hard

I had to go back on risperdal which shrinks my penis rapidly as i was so out of it and anxious depressed from the omeprazole reaction

For a good 5 weeks I had all this black stuff in my vision was the most strangest thing iv ever heard of I thought id damaged my brain tbh.

In future ill make sure with a bettwr GP that i know what im given and ill look up the med info before taking wildly nwver taking a risk again like that
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