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post surgery bloat
I just had my surgery last Tuesday.  I've had two laproscopic surgeries before for an appendectomy and fibroids so i'm familiar with the extreme bloating afterwards.  However, this bloating has lasted longer than the last two and only gets worse when i try to eat.  I'm still on the liquid diet and i'm only able to get about 1200 calories a day and very little water.  Barely able to take my vicodin since crushing it and hiding it in pudding isn't working very well.  I'm fairly skinny and i don't have any weight to lose.  Does anyone know how long the bloating will last and how long it takes before I can start eating food with more substance?  Thanks for any information.
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I would say to ask ur dr or pharmacist if there is something u can do to help get the gas out.....I know how uncomfortable it is ....below is some helpful tips I found, I hope they r of some help.

How to Get Rid of Gas
after Surgery
After surgery, you may have gas pain or discomfort. Pain medicine given
to you to take away surgery pain will not take away gas discomfort. If you
have trouble with discomfort, tell your nurse or other health care team
member. They may suggest that you do one or all of the below easy
exercises to help you get rid of gas.
• Do this exercise several times a day:
 Lie on your back with your legs straight and a pillow under your
 Slowly raise your right leg and move it toward your stomach. Bend
your leg at the knee and hip.
 Hold this position for a count of ten (10).
 Slowly lower your leg.
 Take 2 or 3 slow, deep breaths.
 Repeat this exercise with your left leg.
• Massage or rub your stomach.
 Make your hands into fists.
 Put the knuckles of your left hand on the right side of your stomach.
 Use firm but gentle pressure.
 Roll your hand up toward your chest, across your stomach and down
the left side.
• Ask your nurse for help to get out of bed. Getting out of bed to do mild
exercises, such as walking, may help.

After surgery, when you are allowed to eat and drink again, do so
• Chew with your mouth closed to avoid sucking in air which can make
gas worse. Limit drinking out of straws.
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