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prilosec otc?

I been taken prilosec otc for 14 days for heart burn.its the best med out there.so i finished the 14 day trial and i dont have heart burn any more but i still feel a little small burn so i asked a pharmacyst if its safe to take more than 14 days she said yes it is but the resson the box sais to consult a doctor is to make sure its not self medicated .i picked it up over the counter no dr note or nothing i feel i need another course to get well should i consult a dr first or go ahead with another trial since i feel a little better? I think i am gana go for it wat do yall think?
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  The thing is the Prilosec OTC may help ur issues or symptoms for now, but u have no idea what the underlying issue is, this is y the OTC is 14 days and then see a Dr, it is so they can determine the root cause....taking the meds can slow the dx of something that should be caught sooner...u may just have plain GERD from stress or poor diet, but it is best to let a Dr to do testing to make sure nothing else is going on,
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Im taking it for another 14days im making an appointment with Gastroenterology when im done with these 14day.my symptoms are rumbling in my digestive system a burning feeling in all of my stomach some times soerness alot of burping sometimes i feel like i need to to burp but i cant it stays in my uper abdominim really scared im low on cash no medical thats why i make my own decisions i do alot of research and ask plenty of questions thank u for replyung i thought nobody was gana reply to my post :D thank u and any oppinions
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Im not sleeping well tonight my stomach is grumbling outta control i feel like something is wrong to much grumbling loud little pain im scared
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  Well, if u r going to do this, have u modified ur diet and lifestyle as well?

If u go to the Health Pages link (at the bottom of this page ) u will find info on foods to avoid and foods that r safe as well as tips for those with GERD.

Things like chewing gum can help cut the acids...(try sugar free gum or chewing something other then gum)

Avoid spicy, fatty, greasy foods, carbonated bevs, alcohol.....eating 3 to 4 hrs prior to laying down....

It is good to keep a journal so u can figure out ur own triggers, some foods that r safe for some r not and some that trigger a reaction in most in others may not, so keep a log and see what u can eat, this may help when u do get to the Dr.
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I did modifie my diet but every now and then i sneek in some spicy food but i gues its not enuff im really suffering rite now stomach feels really weird last night i got to the point were i wanted to go to the er felt like my digestive system was gana grumble n pop scary wat should i do?
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  Stop the spicy foods...it will continue to cause these issues.....it is possible that u have an ulcer, or gall bladder issue, again this is y it is best to be seen by a GI specialist, I know u said u did not have medical ins, but what about medicare or something along those lines?

Or going to a clinic?
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