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referred ear pain from GERD???

I posted my first forum post in what was probably the wrong place - it is here


Can the left ear pain as well as sinus area pains be from GERD?  or from some activity some place else along the Vagus Nerve or other nerve?  I know I was told about Vagus Nerve 10 years ago for other referred ear pains and that was in the summary I took to the ENT.  

What kind of doctor would I need to see?  What kind of testing?  

thanks in advance -

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Ear pain and sinus involvement can occur as symptoms of GERD though very rare.
A course of PPI ( prilosec) may be tried foir relif.
GERD can be confirmed with 24 hours pH monitoring test.
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I started on some generic omeprazole today - bought a box of 14 of 20 mg delay release tablets.  I was told I could also take  famotidine.   I will see what happens over the next week or so .  No referral to a GI doc yet for 24 hour pH testing.  
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