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hi everybody .i am sambit.i am 21 years old and a college goer.most of the days i have lunch and some days i dont but i have episodes of headache everyday irrespective of taking lunch and some days the headaches are worse.the pain eases on takin some effervescent fruit salts or ranitidine tabs.i wanna know if the headaches are causes by gas or by other factors .btw i experience headaches rather than nausea.can somebody also recoommend some alternative meds that m8 be available in india??
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

This is a support group not a group of Drs and you need to be seen by one....there are far too many things that can be causing your issue and the answer will not be online I am sorry to say.....but once you have a DX we are happy to be hear and share similar experiences and offer support.
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