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regurgitation of food

hi. i was diagnosed with erosive gastritis/mild esophagitis 6 months ago and was under pantroprazole 1 x day for that time.

now my doc asked me to cut them cold turkey, he says i've been on them for a long time.

suprisingly enough i don't have any breakthrough symptoms (i am on day 5 ) as i feared and i am doing really well.
occasional heartburn easily gone with chewing gum etc...

today though i stupidly bended over quick after i had eaten and noticed some food came up (not acidic taste though). my question is this ? is this one time enough to cause damage again ? i am worried sick now

i am doing everything else correctly. i watch what i eat/drink etc..

also another question : is it the carbonation in cola that is bad or the caffeine?

pls answer.
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From my reading in the website of the Mayo Clinic, everybody may suffer occasionally  of reflux and that may not be sufficient to damage an esophagus. The damage happens after repetitive aggressions. So you can relax for once.

You seem to be doing fine watching your diet, but review the suggestions from  the websites of well establish medical centers (ie. Mayo Clinic and many others) that provide info via web.

As far as recommendations, both caffeine and carbonation should be avoided. That is a generalization for GERD sufferers. Best will be to write a journal to figure out your response to foods.

Good luck

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  Hi, did they rule out a hiatal hernia?

And as the above poster mentioned, u do need to modify diet and lifestyle to help how u feel, but knowing the root to ur GERD is also key.

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