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shortness of breath after i eat

can this be acid reflux? about a month ago i had severe chest pains and couldnt breathe i had to call 911 i thought i was dying..this happened twice..i havent had the chest pains anymore but i get short of breath mostly after i eat...ive had a chest xray and an ekg.  I dont get the results until next week and im worried to death that i have throat cancer or lung cancer...i dont have a cough but after i eat i have trouble clearing my throat.  i should tell you also that up until about a month ago i had a bad case of bulimia which has completely stopped i will never do that again i am soooo scared that i have caused irreversable damage.  
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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

It is possible that what u r dealing with is gerd.....it is also possible that the time u were involved with the purging that it could be the reason for ur issues now.

When u vomit, it brings up acids from ur stomach....these acids can do damage to the LES and the UES.....which in turn can cause reflux and heartburn.

I would suggest u see a GI dr and make sure u tell him about ur bulimia.....

There r meds to help repair damage, but u have to follow all instructions from the dr.

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