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six year old with stomach ache, upset stomach, headaches, and numbness for a month?

I have a six year old that complains of upset stomach off an on ( "I feel like I'm going to puke") and also of constant stomach pain.  It doesn't stop her from running around, but I don't want her to live with constant pain or sickness or be missing something that could be life threatening.  She also complains of headaches sometimes when she bends her head over and sometimes numbness in her wrists or toes ect.  She constantly has to go potty even after she just went and also has little 'leaking accidents' and changes underware often.  This has all been going on since Thanksgiving.  

We had a stool culture and no parasites or problems there.  The doctor also checked her over and said she looks fine.  She had a bladder test to rule out UTI, but that came back negative.  (She does have a history of Kidney reflux which we have to be careful for with UTI infections).  The doctor put her on another antibiotic trying to rule out sinus infection (since she had a cold).  Any suggestions.  I am thinking to take her in for blood work but she is very upset about that idea.  The doctor doesn't seem to think anything is wrong.  Please help?
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