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slow digestion?

I had an upper GI endoscopy this morning which I have every 2-3 years to track the progress of my Barrett's.  This was my 3rd one.

As directed I had not eaten anything for the 12 hours before the test.  When they went in with the scope, they still found some food in my stomach.  

When the doc debriefed me, he said something like I might have a slow digestion system.  But to me, it seems like 12 hours to take to digest something.

Anyone have this same situation?  Anyone have insights on this?

Thanks much,
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I think I have finally found the answer to this issue of waking up gasping for air.  I have been experiencing this for years and found the solution by accident.
My wife and I bought a sleep number bed.  A bit on the pricey side but we got the base unit with the Bed that raises your head above your stomach.  I raise mine about 8 inches at night.  I no longer wake up gasping for air and my excessive belching is gone!  Thank the Lord!

I think that my stomach acid sat in my throat all night long.  I rarely tasted acid but I was constantly clearing my throat during the day.  Also excessive burping gas gave me pressure that eventually turned into anxiety attacks.

Guys, all these issues have cleared up.  I tried the books under the head of the bed but that wasn't enough height.  You do not have to buy a sleep number bed but the cool thing is it bends at the waiste area so you don't slide down the bed at night.

Anyway, I always had a pact with others....whoever found the answer to this debilitating set of circumstances would post it on the boards for others to benefit from.   It only took me about 16 years of suffering but here it is.  

I hope this helps   Assuming it does, please do pass this on to other boards to help others and or friends that are suffering from this same issue.
God Bless.
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