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spasm immediately upon falling into sleep

I have the following 10 day episode two or three times a year.  Within 3 seconds of the time I drift into sleep, I have a singular violent spasm (I believe GERD related). This is not painful but immediately wakes me. This cycle at its worst can repeat 40 to 50 times over the coarse of three hours (I fall back to sleep very quickly). It could last 10 nights or more and almost always coincides with a cold. During the day I do get an occasional spasm but not nearly as bad as when I'm trying to go to sleep. When I am cold free this is typically not an issue.

The sleep deprivation is very disturbing and only retards my getting over the cold.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I am not sure I understand what u mean...by violent spasm...are u sure it is a spasm, could u be gasping for breath?

See a Dr to be tested for a few possibilities one being sleep apnea.....and of course GERD....

Until u get in to see the Dr try elevating the head of ur bed, and try using a humidifier in case it is post nasal drip from ur cold causing the issue.

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Thanks for your reply.
By violent spasm I mean a sufficient shake of the body to wake me. Perhaps violent is an overstatement. What I'm calling a spasm is a strong flutter lasting about a 1/2 second just below the neck. I do have sleep apnea but this a problem primarily occurring when I have a cold.
Your post nasal drip suggestion I find very interesting. I wonder if you can get something for that over the counter.

Thanks again.
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  Deff talk to ur Drs regarding this concern of urs...they may have something u can add to the C-Pap if u use one with ur apnea.

Best of luck and do post an update : )
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Thank you for advice. I'm zeroing in an irritation of the phrenic nerve as a leading candidate for my problem.
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  Glad u have something to focus on...and possible get help...do keep me posted : )
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Sounds to me like you might have a Magnesium deficiency.  Believe it or not, I sleep with a bar of soap (any except Olay or Dove) at my feet.  How it works, I don't know.  But it stops spasms in my feet, legs and hips.  I hope this works for you, too.
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