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stomach pain with body reactions

upper stomach pain unable to take any drugs without having a allergy reaction to all drugs reactions to sulphite in all foods and drinks
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Hi...u can modify ur diet and lifestyle to help reduce the acid issues...even with out meds.....
Check out the tips on foods that r safe and lifestyle changes that can help u feel better.

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That, and you don't necessarily have to be "allergic" to these foods but rather sensitive.  http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=faq&dbid=30

And, it's proven that certain foods, such as the ones listed on the health pages do contribute to acid issues.  One such proven food is tomatoes.  Along with tomatoes would be the nightshade produce cousins such as bell peppers and eggplants.  Coffee is another item that is known to cause issues with GERD.  Most of the foods that are known to cause problems on that page I provided the link for are the same foods that are mentioned in the health pages.

The thing is, many people are like me and have GERD, IBS and migraines.  So, the problem foods tend to affect all three issues.  Now, some people may not be sensitive to all these foods, or they may be able to have some of these foods without severe symptoms on occasion.  Others are very much like me and are affected by all these foods for all three problems.  The health pages list and the list on the site I provided the link for are very similar but not quite identical.  Still reasonably similar, so worth taking a look at both links.  They are not really contradictory at all, since many people are affected by all the foods on both lists.  I only recently found that site when I noticed someone else's post about Tyramine Intolerance and migraines.  When I read the page I cited I knew that was the missing information for myself and many others.  I promise, it is not contradictory to the health pages information--just complimentary with more information and that's all.
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