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throat problems from reflux?

Hi, I have some reflux problems and swallowing /throat problems that my doctor said could be from long term untreated reflux. Could this make it difficult to sing, ie, making my throat feel irritated while singing? This is a problem because I am a musician and am expected to sing sometimes. thanks
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Severe reflux can affect the vocal cords and cause hoarseness of voice.
So get appropriate treatment with PPI and lifestyle modifications.
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Thanks what is PPL? I'm taking protonix.
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hello my friend, i had the same problem myself , I went so long with reflux it tore me up, raspy irritated throat and alot of the time was trying to cure a cough that wasn't quite a cough if that makes any sense to ya. protonix is a PPI, or proton pump inhibitor which will cut the supply of acid being produced. it might take a little while before you lose the rasp, but it will go away. i was started off with prevacid and was even upped to taking it twice a day before i lost all symptoms. up to that point i wasn't able to eat much of anything and nothing with any fat or grease in it {all the flavor in my mind} and at 6'4" i weighed about 179# and a few years later being able eat everything with absolutely no symptoms i have been told to lose some 45# because of back pain.
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Very much so:

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