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trouble swallowing food

I've been having trouble swallowing food for 18 months, most daily when I eat a couple of times when i swallow food it sticks and I don't have any other symptoms apart from this. I have had camera down throat and barium swallow. When i had the camera down throat the specialist told me its probably swelling i have near the tonsil area and it will go away in years.

I went to two doctors afterwards and one doctor told me it was probably muscle spasms and the other said anxiety because i do have a fear of choking and i have social anxiety. I did go on acid reflux tablets but they didnt help and i went on them for only 2 weeks and i dont think i took them everyday, i think there were some days i missed. I dont have any other sysmtoms apart from trouble swallowing. Do you think i should try acid reflux tablets again. I  just wondered what you think.
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  Hi....stress and anxiety will cause reflux issues, and it is possible for reflux to affect ur swallowing.

Meds for this take time to show benefits, 2 weeks and not taken everyday will not be a fair way to say they did not help...u need to take as directed and give it time.

In addition to taking the meds, u really should also modify ur diet  and lifestyle..read the article attached to the link I am adding for tips on foods to avoid and ways u can make changes to help urself feel better.


Keep u s posted on ur progress

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