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upper abdominal pain

The last six months I have had weird things going on with my stomach, I used to have gurgling first thing in the morning when I woke up in my upper abdomen, and lots of gas. Now I have been having problems with pain in my middle to slight right upper abdomen and near the bottom right side of my sternum. Depending on the day it seems to get worse when I am hungry or right after I have eaten or drank food or liquid including water. I went to my Dr. and she said it's possible it might be an ulcer. I don't have health insurance right now so we are treating it as an ulcer. I just was wondering what other possibilities it may be. I am also burping more right after drinking water and my stomach gurgles everything when I wake up until I use the bathroom.
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The symptoms you have mentioned are very typical of peptic ulcer disease.
PPI like Prilosec may be taken for relief.
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