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what causes the nausea related to GERD?

Hello! I have had GERD like symptoms for 5 weeks. I visited my GI dr past week and he told me to take Pepcid Complete for 2 wks and if I still have symptoms he wants to do scope. These are my symptoms...lump in my throat and nausea. Sometimes the symptoms occur simultaneously, but not always. I am eating very little, b/c I'm trying to make my diet as alkaline as possible. I eat organic Kashi probiotic cereal w/organic milk or organic rice milk, Kashi granola bar as a snack or pretzels, lunch is typically hummus, raw carrots, celery, chicken breast lunch meat and dinner is baked chicken breast, sweet potatoe and steamed broccolli. I rarely deviate, but sometimes have organic french vanilla yogurt. This is very bland to me...what do you think? My bed is elevated and that is helping my sleep. I am still experiencing the lump (3-4 times last week) and the nausea now twice this past week. I can't stand the nausea! Today, it hit me suddenly. I felt like I needed to burp, but couldn't. I felt very sick to my stomach....after a bit, I burped and felt better. The nausea returned 5 min later and after burping, felt better again. Is my nausea related to the trapped air? What can I do to prevent?? I HATE feeling this way. Is this truly GERD, or do you think I have a hiatel hernia. This is very frustrating b/c I have NEVER had stomach issues...typically very healthy and eat pretty healthy. Why all these issues suddenly? Also, how long can I expect this to last?? Will I ever be able to add more foods to my diet and not experience these symptoms?
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Hi spring78,
The effectiveness of treatment for GERD depends on various factors including at what time you take medications. And also PPI are considered better than Pepsid..
If you are in doubt regarding the diagnosis of GERD, a  24 hours pH monitoring test may help.

A delayed gastric emptying may cause nausea in addition to GERD symptoms. Gastric emptying scan may help to know about this.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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