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sharp stabbing pain in lower right abdomen when standing or trying to walk

I am having sharp shooting pains in my right side abdomen  if I sit or lay still I am fine but when I get up and try to step on the ground especially with my right let it feels like someone is stabbing a knife in me and the pain is excruciating it has been going on for a few days and I cant tolerate it much more cause I am tired of having to stay in bed cause walking is too painful  anyone have any idea of what could be  causing this I almost feel like I am going to pass out cause of the pain I have had a hystarectomy I was told I have gallstones at one time was wondering if this could be what is going on
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You need immediate evaluation. I would strongly recommend seeing a physician rather than wasting time in an internet forum. One possibility would be your gallbladder but appendicitis would also be likely. A three day delay in seeking medical attention would usually result in perforation.
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