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*1 Year ago this October 14th, 2014, i had a Cholecystectomy (<-- after 10 years of chronic pain to an unknown source - 17 to 27).

* twice tried having x-rays (what the state insurance would pay for). Results came up negative, so the ACTUAL need for an MRI or even an ultrasound was denied by insurance [hence the 10 years with no help].

* Halfway into July of 2013, i had to go to the emergency room because the pain was so bad. They ran, both an MRI and an Ultrasound on me.

! They told me that i had gallstones, and that my liver was producing too much bile (in fact they shot me up with a bile inhibitor of some kind), and that the gallbladder had to be removed.
I was a little reluctant, and didnt get the procedure until 2 1/2 months later as it progressively got worse until 10/14/13.

* the first two months was pain free, but within the last 9 months  the pain has begun to build again; ONLY
ive traded one issue for another.
This is telling me that the gallbladder wasnt the issue in the first place, but something else, quite possibly my liver.
My gallbladder i believe was doing its job, but due to excessive bile from the liver, it broke (so to speak) my GB.

So, before my cholecystectomy, i had a lot of heartburn ( excessive bile); now, after my cholecystectomy, i vomit the bile instead.
ive tried many things,
*going to bed hungry = bile
*going to bed full = bile
*full on water = bile
*full on coffee = bile

Ive concluded that whatever is going on, has mostly (if none at all) NOT A THING to with any change in diet.
I have massively changed my diet with meat and other fats (and other stuff) as my body cant handle it anymore, but it doesnt matter what i eat, nothing gets better.
Im constantly in pain; everywhere, the pain moves, the severity changes, the way it feels, etc.

Ive done research, but the only thing i can find are problems more specified to issues women are having, so i cant find anything relevant to whats going on.
i am a bit stubborn about hospitals cause my 2 1/2 niece died in an extremely simple (balloon plasty) procedure, here in tucson az, with the nations top heart hospitals and they murdered her.

Anyways, not much of a question because i really dont know what the question is, but i hope that someone could "form one?" from reading the povided info.
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