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2.5 years post removal.

I have had diarrhea issues ever since removal. Every time I eat, no matter the day or time. The only time I didn't have a problem was while I was pregnant and within weeks after having my baby the problem was back. Its very frustrating as I will not eat unless I am home and know I am not going anywhere. I have tried imodium and that does not work. I also tried a fiber regimen to no avail. Any suggestions?
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It's been 4 months post for me an I have the same issue I keep reading about ppl gaining wieght and being constipated but I'm the opposite.  I lose wieght and I have run to the restroom after every meal  but now I'm pregnet 5 weeks in and still the same I guess in a way it's a blessing I lost wieght. But it's a pain in the butt and I still from time to time get sharp pain  but only after a heavy meal
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I was the same way as you in the beginning but at about 10 weeks the constipation hit and it was horrible!!
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I went through your post.

The diarrhea you have been having after gallbladder removal can be due to two causes -
1. Bile acid diarrhea which sometimes occur in patients who have their gallbladder removed. Though it is frustrating, it resolves over a period of time. Taking cholestyramine will resolve the symptoms if it is bile acid diarrhea.

2. It can be due to other causes not related gallbladder or its removal. Some of the causes include irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease etc.

You can find out whether you get relief with cholestyramine.
Also try to avoid fatty food.

I hope that answers your question.
Let me know if I can assist you further.
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When I had my gallbladder removed my doctor recommended I eat a low fat diet until I could determine what my new "tolerance" was for fatty foods. I have found that eating at least one large salad a day with greens helps reduce these episodes. I also make my own salad dressing instead of using the pre-made bottled stuff at the supermarket. I do not eat rich dessert items either. That is a source of problems that I just do not feel up to dealing with....but then I am not a big dessert eater anyway.
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