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8mm gallstone-no inflammation shown on u/s

I had some severe abd pain on Sunday evening that started at around 6pm and lasted until 1am.  It was a constant, squeezing pain that no position changes would help or anything else for that matter.  I was severly nauseated all day prior to this pain.  I ate pepto tabs and tums and also took Zofran to help with the nausea.  At about 6pm the pain hit.  I don't recall ever feeling like this.  It was steady for 30-45 min and then let up and I thought I was ok so I ate a little dinner and at 7pm it came back and held on until 1am.  I tried to relax, change positions, breathe etc and nothing gave me relief.  I took 2 Tramadol at about 10pm and went to bed.  I tried to lay on my left side but it was almost unbearable so I laid on my back until 1am when I tried laying on my right side.  The pain seemed to subside and I was able to sleep some.  I went to the dr first thing in the morning and he sent me for an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed gallstones-but no inflammation.  I am not in the pain I was in Sunday but it's just a nagging slightly achy feeling in that area.  I guess the dr isn't concerned?  I know that the report said that I have a mobile stone that is 8mm.  Is this a small stone that wouldn't cause pain?  I have never had gallbladder issues.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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Went to the follow up and the Dr said that the stone is too big to really worry about it getting stuck in my bile duct and he doesn't think the Sunday incident was gallbladder related.  He says gastritis or duodenitis most likely.  I guess we will see.
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You might want to talk to your doctor about a couple of medications known to help with at least reducing the formation of gallstones by modifying the bile composition  - and there is some limited evidence  that they can help dissolve stones in a subset of patients. The medications are: chenodeoxycholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid (Urso for short). Urso is used for a number  of different biliary diseases, so its effects on patients are well understood. Also,most doctors will tell you that hepatobiliary supplements are at best a waste of money, and some many not be good for you. Always good to discuss things with your doctor when they provide you with simply a report, without touching base on your options. Take care.
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Try taking a supplement called Jarrow bile acid factors, people in Amazon com have found a lot of relief wiyh their gallbladder or GI problems.
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No, 8 mm is not a small stone and you will definately not have fun should it decide to take a trip. What you felt Sunday was likely a smaller stone that did pass through your cystic and bile ducts. Very thickened sludge passing can cause temporary events as well. Does your doctor plan to simply watch the 8 mm stone?
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They called this morning (dr's office) and the nurse just said  "your report says you've got some gallstones but your gallbladder isn't inflamed" that's about it.  I know it's 8mm bc I requested the report for myself and it says the following:
34F. Abdominal pain.
     Technique: Sonographic images of the right upper quadrant.
     Visualized pancreas within normal limits.
     Liver 15 cm and slightly echogenic diffusely, with no
     intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation.
     Visualized portal and hepatic veins within normal limits.
     Right kidney 10 cm in length with unremarkable appearing
     echotexture and no hydronephrosis, stone, cyst or mass.
     Common duct 4 mm.
     8 mm mobile stone in the gallbladder with no sludge, wall
     thickening or pericholecystic fluid.
     Gallbladder wall 3 mm.
     Cholelithiasis with no sonographic evidence of acute

I requested a follow up visit to talk to the dr myself and see if this something to address.  Will post an update when I get additional information.

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