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Bile leak after gallbladder surgery

My mom had her gallbladder removed about a month ago. Supposedly all went well, but then two weeks later she started feeling nauseous and began vomiting. So she went to the ER and an abscess was found and drained and it turns out she has a bile leak. They attempted to place a stent to help with the drainage, but the doctor wasn't able to do so due to my mom's anatomy. So now my mom has a drainage pouch attached and we are waiting for the bile leak to close. My question is what kind of time table should we expect to face for the leak to heal? Will it heal in this manner? The surgeon has said its a minor leak, but she's draining a good amount of bile. Is this a sound approach or should we attempt the stent procedure again? Thanks in advance any and all info. is greatly appreciated.
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I had the same exact thing. I had a train,and the 1st stent attempt did not work. The second time they got the stent in but after a week they realized the stent wasn't working. they replace the 1st stent with a bigger metal stent. No more leak had the stent removed after 4 weeks, and I was fine. Total time from gallbladder surgery to back to normal-three months.
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