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Biliary dyskinesia with a rate of 20%

I have been having serious pain in the upper right abdominal area with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and a constant fullness in my stomach, sometimes I am sweating and have indigestion with it (burping is constant though). After several weeks I went to my regular doctor in bad pain. She first check for H pylori which was negative and then scheduled me for an ultrasound to check for gallstones also negative. She prescribed me with meds for indigestion and gerd and nausea - no help and back to the doctor a few weeks later. Now the set me up for a HIDA scan. It comes back at 20% but still no stones even after a repeat ultrasound. I get a diagnoses of Biliary dyskinesia, probably associated from my vasulities and Lupus.

Appointment with the surgeon and he says it must come out but it may not help all my symptoms and many could remain and possible more surgeries on my sphincter of Oddi (don't even know what that is).

Just want to know if anyone can explain more to me about all this
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OMG this is me and the GI DR I went to said he didn't want to take it out. I had already met with a surgeon and he wanted a second opinion. mine is functioning at 8%. I am at a loss and want to get a second opinion.Cant wait to here what happens
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