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Can gallbladder function be restored?

I'm 54, in reasonably good health, but have pain centrally and in general location of gallbladder, radiating to lower back sometimes.  Some pain also on left side. Morning nausea, belching, gas.  Normal EGD, 2 normal ultrasounds (no stones).  HIDA scan results 19% EF...scan led to more pain and nausea later that day.  Gastro recommending a surgery consult.  Questions: to what extent can I conclude that having GB out would rid me of the symptoms; and what questions should I be asking my Gastro and surgeon?  Can gallbladder function be restored? Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!
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I've read about some alternative approaches to improving gallbladder and liver function, but I'm not sure any have been fully studied and proven successful or unsuccessful.  If you're willing to try something like acupuncture (and if you're not in so much pain that you have time/stamina to try it) it might be worth it.  But I think I'd still do the surgical consult to talk through the options.

My dad had gallbladder surgery but it was so long ago and the procedure has changed so much that I don't think the information from that would be particularly applicable now.  Good luck!  Let us know what you decide to to!
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Thanks for your input!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms could be due to gall bladder dysfunction, as an EF below 35% is considered abnormal. The other causes could be gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and GERD. Kidney disorders too produce colicky and sharp pain. Sometimes anxiety with flatulence can cause this pain. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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After my first attack, I dropped weight and changed my diet radically.  I went through an upper GI to rule out gastritis or ulcer just in case.

I then tried the GB olive oil cleanse with no noticeable results, and the indigestion and gas was getting severe, so it was time to give my surgeon a call.

My gall bladder was pretty much on its last legs so it turned out to be a good decision.  Planned surgery is always better than emergency surgery.

I would have preferred to keep my gall bladder but I my body didn't give me much of a choice.  So far things are much better, though I'm going through that period where you have some intolerance to sugars and fatty foods, but its waning over time.

just my 2 cents, but as with anything, everybody's personal experience can vary.
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i had simular problems with my gallbaldder, i had the HIDA scan and shown that my gallbladder was at 8%  no stones, i got the typical pains in the upper right side, specially after i eat fatty foods, at the time i also had a stomach infection h.pylori, the dr treated this succesfully, my gallbaldder was left how it was, i did have a ultrasound of the gallbaldder no stones were found and i suffered for just over 2 years with my gallbladder.

i didnt want my gallbladder removed, i turned towards homeopathic medicine, i was on a holiday abroad, a friend took me to a homeopathic Dr. i was to take these homeopathic medicines for a week, and was assured if i was to have a HIDA scan after this treatment, it will show normal fuinction of the gallbaldder (seemed unbelievable) after the course i didnt feel any more pains (within a few days) or any of the symptoms i had with my gallbladder, this was almost 4 months ago, i have had 1 or 2 episodes where i have had slight pain but it has totally disappeared, i can eat what i like i dont feel the pains after eating at all.

the medicine for the gallbladder was in liquid form as drops that were to be mixed with water,  i do not have the name of that medicine as i lost the bottle. Before i came back to the UK, the homeopathic Dr gave me further medications as i felt i wasnt 100%, i believe its the same ones i orignally took, also one fo them is for lowering cholestrol.

the medicine i took was chelidonium for gallbladder function, i was also given aconite napellus 200 and cholesterinum, so you can have a look into these medications online, they may restore the function of you gallbladder pretty quik.
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il try finding out the name of the original medication i was given as im sure it was somthing else.
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it was the chelidonium

from studies its seen to cholagogue (increases bile production) and a choleretic (increases bile flow) it has helped me but not sure for how long
i had awful galblader pains
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Did u had ur second HIDA scan to test the homeopathic medicine worked?  This seems to be reasonable promise with homeopathy.
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Hi Mike do yoy remember how often in the week your dose was for each of the Homeopathic remedies ?  the Aconite 200, and the chelidonium?
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Hi Mike do yoy remember how often in the week your dose was for each of the Homeopathic remedies ?  the Aconite 200, and the chelidonium?
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